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(?   -    ) Philippine-born author, in USA from the age of six; her first novel, The Farm (2019), makes effective use of the aura of Dystopia that suffuses any presentation of the use of women (see Women in SF) as breeders on behalf of the world's wealthy. The tale, set along the interface between corporate innovation and the Near Future, describes the blandishments and coercions inflicted upon potential surrogate mothers in a "gestational retreat" in upstate New York known as Golden Oaks. Life for the occupants of this Keep, as victims of the capitalization of their bodies, is significantly less nightmarish than for the protagonists of Margaret Atwoods The Handmaid's Tale (1985), but The Farm can easily be understood as a distressing prolepsis. [JC]

Joanne Ramos

born Philippines.



  • The Farm (New York: Random House, 2019) [hb/]


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