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US SF Music trio from southern New Jersey, consisting of three first cousins who all attended Brandeis University. They are remembered for their one sf novelty hit, "The Martian Hop" (1963) an original composition which made it to #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 1963. The cousins were inspired by the then-current popular trend in dances and the high interest in Space Flight following John Glenn's 1962 orbit of Earth and John F Kennedy's promise to land a man on the Moon. The song is about a dance thrown by the Martians (see Mars)for visiting earthmen; they are seen doing such contemporary dances as the Loco-Motion and the Hully-Gully. Group member Steven Rappaport was studying electronic music at the time and here made the first use in a pop record of additive synthesis with sine-wave generators. [LW]

Steven Rappaport

born Villas, New Jersey: 1943

died Maui, Hawaii: 4 July 2007

Robert Rappaport

born: Cape May, New Jersey: 1943


John Spirt

born Cape May, New Jersey: 1949

died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2003


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