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Highly informal UK fan group of the 1970s, several of whose members later became sf professionals. Based in London, Ratfandom and its satellites produced some of the most literate, witty and scurrilous Fanzines in that fertile period for UK Fandom; these included Big Scab (1974, 3 issues) edited by John Brosnan, Macrocosm (1971-1972, 3 issues) edited by Robert P Holdstock, Magic Pudding (1973, 1 issue) edited by Malcolm Edwards, Seamonsters (1978-1979, 4 issues) edited by Simone Walsh, Stop Breaking Down (1976-1981, 7 issues) edited by Greg Pickersgill, True Rat (1973-1978, 10 issues) edited by Leroy Kettle, and Wrinkled Shrew (1974-1979, 8 issues) edited by Pat and Graham Charnock. Others in the group's orbit, though not Rats, included Christopher Priest and Peter Nicholls. Ratfandom organized the 1975 UK national Convention or Eastercon, Seacon '75. [RH]

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