Reed, Jeremy

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(1951-    ) UK poet and author, much of whose fiction comprises a set of loosely-linked tales about nineteenth-century decadents; those with fantasy elements include Isidore: A Novel About the Comte de Lautreamont (1991), When the Whip Comes Down: A Novel about de Sade (1992), in which de Sade Timeslips through the centuries, and Dorian (1997), about Oscar Wilde [see also The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Of more direct sf interest are Diamond Nebula (1994), which is set in the twenty-third century, and describes its protagonist's obsessions with the artful Decadence of the twentieth century, as represented by figures including J G Ballard; and The Grid (2008), where historical literary figures are trapped by a process of Identity Transfer inside the bodies of AIDS victims. [JC]

Jeremy Reed

born Jersey, Channel Islands: 6 March 1951


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