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UK Fanzine edited by Peter Weston. Two issues 1983 as Prolapse, A4 duplicated; the more important incarnation is the second series, 2006-current, A4 photocopied to #4, litho-printed from #5, typically 36-44pp. The title change to Relapse was (as with Weston's retitling of Zenith/Speculation) not instantaneous: #13, February 2009, carried the new title overlaid on the old and #14, May 2009, was simply Relapse.

The focus is on byways of the history of Fandom and Conventions, almost exclusively in the UK; many old photographs of fans and authors are reproduced. Some archive material by Kenneth Bulmer and others is reprinted from now-rare fanzines; one example is the script of "The Wizard of Ozimov" in Prolapse #5 (February 2007), a collaborative fannish skit on L Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900; vt The New Wizard of Oz 1903), written by James Blish, Robert Holdstock, Andrew Stephenson and others, and performed at the 1974 Eastercon by a cast including all the above, Blish taking the title role and Anne McCaffrey playing the wicked witch. A candid memoir by John Hall of early-1970s life in John Brunner's household (June 2007 #7) generated considerable response. Further contributors of fan reminiscences and/or historical researches in article or letter form include Brian Aldiss, Mike Ashley, John Baxter, Malcolm Edwards, Rob Hansen, Philip Harbottle, George Locke, Dan Morgan, Michael Moorcock and Christopher Priest. [DRL]


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