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(1901-1979) US advertising man, newspaper reporter and author; he wrote a large number of fairly unremarkable Pulp-magazine adventures for about a decade from 1929, ceasing to produce sf during World War Two, after his work as a screenwriter began to pick up; between 1934 and 1957 he wrote about fifty scripts, all Westerns. Some of his short fiction appeared as by Bradnor Buckner. His first sf story – "Beyond Gravity" for Air Wonder Stories in August 1929 – appeared simultaneously with the magazine publication of his first novel, The Radium Pool (August-September 1929 Wonder Stories; with added story, as coll 1949) which was later bound with L Ron Hubbard's Triton and Battle of Wizards as Science-Fantasy Quintet (anth 1953). Three stories – two of them linked – were assembled in The Stellar Missiles (coll 1949). Repp also wrote a series, John Hale Laboratory Sleuth (January 1939-November 1943 Amazing; coll of linked stories 2011), about John Hale, a scientific detective perhaps modelled on Arthur B Reeve's Craig Kennedy. Most of his published books were Westerns. He conducted the last interview with Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) before his death. [JC]

see also: Air Wonder Stories.

Edward Earl Repp

born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 22 May 1901

died California: 14 February 1979



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