Resident Evil: Afterlife

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Film (2010). Constantin Film/Davis Films/Impact Pictures. Written and directed by Paul W S Anderson. Cast includes Sienna Guillory, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller and Shawn Roberts. 97 minutes. Colour, 3D.

Alice and her Clones launch the attack on the Tokyo headquarters promised at the end of the previous film, but Wesker escapes and everyone dies except the original Alice, who loses her powers; in Alaska, she retrieves an amnesiac Claire Redfield from what turns out to have been not a sanctuary but a trap; back in virus-overrun Los Angeles (see California), they are besieged with Claire's brother Chris in a former high-rise Prison; and the survivors confront Wesker aboard a giant floating laboratory. After writing two sequels farmed out to other directorial hands, Anderson returned to the helm in person for what is less a narrative than a sustained exploration of the new grammar of 3D action spectacle (using James Cameron's camera systems from Avatar [2009]). Miller's character brings a famous figure from the games into the cast, but this instalment has largely run out of interest in the games' mythology and player experience for their own sake; the most dynamic 3D film yet made, it has next to none of Anderson's interesting qualities as a writer but is a directorial and technical tour de force. [NL]


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