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(?   -    ) US author known only for The Son of the Phantom (1944), a Tie to the Comic The Phantom scripted by Lee Falk. The novel is based on the 1944-1945 newspaper storyline "The Childhood of the Phantom", telling of the young Phantom's jungle childhood, US education, and return to Africa to inherit the crime-fighting role of The Phantom from his father (as has been traditional for many generations). Ray Moore is credited with the artwork for the comics story – twenty panels of which are reproduced in the book – but was on active service in the US Air Force when the strip appeared; the drawings were in fact ghosted by Wilson McCoy.

This author should not be confused with the US Western actor Dale Robertson (1923-2013), who was also on active service in World War Two at the time and whose online biographies do not mention The Son of the Phantom. [DRL]

Dale Robertson




  • The Son of the Phantom (Racine, Wisconsin: Whitman Publishing Company, 1944) [tie: The Phantom: illus/Wilson McCoy: hb/]


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