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(?   -    ) US teacher, librarian and author, who is of sf interest for her Chocoverse sequence beginning with the spoofish Free Chocolate (2018), based on the morally untasty premise that, in the very distant Near Future, planet Earth's only saleable resource in the galaxy will be chocolate, and that trade in pure uncut cocoa will be on the lines of the kind of drug cartels familiar in the twenty-first century. The protagonist Bo(­dacious) is spunky, however, though it turns out she is potentially edible (there are romance elements in the tale). In Pure Chocolate (2019) the cocoa proves to be cut; Fake Chocolate (2020) intensifies the Space Opera element in the narrative, with Bo forced to save Earth, and the galaxy. [JC]

Amber Royer






  • Free Chocolate (New York: Angry Robot, 2018) [Chocoverse: pb/Minchen Chen]
  • Pure Chocolate (New York: Angry Robot, 2019) [Chocoverse: pb/Heri Irawan]
  • Fake Chocolate (New York: Angry Robot, 2020) [Chocoverse: pb/]


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