Sanders, Joseph L

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(1940-    ) US academic, who often writes as Joe Sanders; his E E "Doc" Smith (1986) is a competent study of E E Smith, and Roger Zelazny: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography (1980) was a useful early tool in Roger Zelazny studies; it has not, however, been updated to cover the last fifteen years of his career. Science Fiction Fandom (anth 1994) assembles a wide-ranging set of essays about sf Fandom; Functions of the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Thirteenth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (anth 1995), assembles papers, as designated in the subtitle, primarily for academic readers; and The Sandman Papers (anth 2006) assembles critical essays on Neil Gaiman's Sandman Comics. From 1975 Sanders has written many reviews for various journals, including the New York Review of Science Fiction. [JC]

Joseph Lee Sanders

born Crawfordsville, Indiana: 29 June 1940



works as editor


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