Satellite in the Sky

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Film (1956). Tridelta Productions. Directed by Paul Dickson, produced by Edward J Danziger and Harry Lee Danziger. Written by John Mather, J T McIntosh and Edith Dell. Cast includes Brian Forbes, Thea Gregory, Jimmy Hanley, Lois Maxwell, Keiron Moore and Donald Wolfit. 85 minutes. Colour.

A routine Space Flight melodrama in which the first Spaceship sent into orbit with a captain (Moore) and full crew, plus a stowaway female reporter (Maxwell), has the typically Cold War mission of detonating an experimental "tritonium" bomb above the stratosphere. Unfortunately the bomb fails to detach from the outer hull until its Scientist inventor (Wolfit) leaves the ship, effects the separation but stays with the bomb, and perishes when it (otherwise harmlessly) explodes. This film has been called lacklustre, with unimpressive special effects, but is fondly remembered by fans who saw it when young. [DRL]


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