Sauma, Luiza

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(?   -    ) Brazilian-born author in UK from early childhood, whose sf novel, Everything You Ever Wanted (2019), carries its adult but millennial protagonist from a distressed Near Future Earth via Wormhole on a sponsored one-way emigration, limited to 100 applicants, to the planet Nyx (see Colonization of Other Worlds), which she gambles may be the Utopia described by the entrepreneur behind the project. Perhaps surprisingly, Nyx turns out not to be a malign dystopia in sheep's clothing, though the settlement's demands are sometimes severe, mandating life patterns – one eats, for instance, what one grows – that may seem coercive. Edgily, with attendant emotional costs, a life may still be entered upon here that is more fruitful than anything available on Earth. [JC]

Luiza Sauma

born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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