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Digest-sized semiprofessional critical Magazine (see Semiprozine) published by Bran Dougal. Edited by Martin Last, with Baird Searles and Don Yee as associate editors. Twenty monthly issues, March 1975 to October 1976, with #17/#18 for July/August 1976 being a double issue.

The first issue was titled The Science Fiction Review and featured reviews by all three editors and several others including Alice K Turner (her first appearance in print); it was then The Science Fiction Review (Monthly) until August 1975 and The Science Fiction Review Monthly thereafter to the final issue #20 in October 1976. Issues normally ran to 24pp, though some were shorter at 16pp (#6 and #7 for August and September 1975); the one and only double issue, #17/#18 for July/August 1976, extended to 36pp. The intention was to review, in fairly popular terms, every sf book published in the USA in a given month; but the overall quality of the reviews was not as high as those in Delap's F & SF Review, which began a month later, and it seems there was no room in the market – especially with the distribution problems of such small magazines – for two competing titles. Further outside contributors included Jon Gustafson, David G Hartwell, Beth Meacham and Baird Searles. [DRL/PN]

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