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(1960-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Cat's Eye" in Cemetery Dance for Fall 1993. His first series, the Tom Jenkins sequence comprising Spacer Dreams (1995) and Alien Dreams (1998), is Military SF, lightly and competently told, with a Young Adult protagonist who finds adventure in the stars; his contributions to the Tom Clancy's Net Force franchise are consistent with its requirements. Wizardspawn (2003) begins as Paranoid sf, with a man's past erased from the records, and turns to fantasy; in the rather similar Nightmare Logic (1998), a man is accused of crimes he cannot have committed, his life falls apart, and he turns to Magic to save himself and his family. With Martin H Greenberg, Segriff edited at least ten Anthologies, each up to the deft standards of his partner. [JC]

Larry Segriff

born Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 14 July 1960




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