Seltzer, David

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(1940-    ) US Cinema scriptwriter, director and producer who scripted the docudrama The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971) and is best known for scripting The Omen (1976), an influential Horror film which spawned sequels and remakes; Seltzer has expressed disquiet over its contribution to the serious acceptance, notably in US fundamentalist Religion, of a demonic anti-Christ figure heralding the End of the World. Also of sf relevance is the film Prophecy (1979), a disappointing example of the 1970s cycle of revenge-of-nature films, which he scripted and novelized as Prophecy (1979). [GSt/DRL]

David Seltzer

born High Park, Illinois: 12 February 1940



  • The Omen (New York: New American Library/Signet, 1976) [tie to the film: The Omen: pb/]
  • Prophecy (New York: Ballantine Books, 1979) [tie to the film: Prophecy: pb/photographic]


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