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At the time when both magazines were being published by Roberts & Vinter, some unsold issues of New Worlds and Science Fantasy were bound up in twos and threes and sold as SF Reprise, which had six numbers: all undated but probably 1966. #1, #2 and #5 were assembled from New Worlds; #3, #4 and #6 were from Science Fantasy. For convenience we term these publications Anthologies. Two of the volumes contain entire serial novels, though not in contiguous instalments and thus not regarded by this encyclopedia as first publication in novel form: Thomas Burnett Swann's Day of the Minotaur (September/October 1964-January/February 1965 Science Fantasy as "The Blue Monkeys"; 1966) in #3 and E C Tubb's The Life Buyer (April-June 1965 New Worlds; 2005) in #5. [PN/DRL]

SF Reprise


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