Shoreline of Infinity

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Scottish semi-professional magazine available in both ebook and print form, published by The New Curiosity Shop, Edinburgh, and edited by Noel Chidwick. Its first two issues were Summer and Winter 2015 but thereafter was quarterly, missing the Winter issues in 2018 and 2019 and the autumn 2020 issue. There were two special issues: #8½ (July 2017) printed for the Edinburgh International Book Festival and #11½ (April 2018) for the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The thinking behind Shoreline of Infinity was to provide a vehicle for looking at human possibilities, its title indicating that we are standing on the shores of our planet looking at an infinite future. Shoreline celebrated its Scottishness by publishing new stories by or interviews with current Scottish writers, including Gary Gibson, Ian Hunter, Chris Kelso, Duncan Lunan, Ken MacLeod. Charles Stross, Neil Williamson and Andrew J Wilson, and by looking back at writers of yesteryear, mostly in a special "SF Caledonia" feature. These included studies of John Buchan, Andrew Lang, David Lindsay, George MacDonald, J Leslie Mitchell and the long forgotten Andrew Blair. The magazine also looked beyond Scottish shores, publishing works by authors from the United States, Canada and elsewhere. It published a high proportion of work by women writers, including one of the earliest stories by Jeannette Ng, and produced a special women's issue (#11, Spring 2018). Other contributors included Eric Brown, Ada Palmer, Adam Roberts and Ian Watson. Whilst its emphasis was on sf, it ran many other stories of fantasy, the supernatural and the mythic. It also ran many non-fiction features and a Poetry section, "Multiverse". Shoreline was sufficiently popular to win the British Fantasy Award in 2018, but its circulation remained low with less than a hundred subscribers and unique visitors of around 3,500. In 2021 it announced it would produce only three issues a year, one entirely digital and two also available in print with a mixture of new and recycled fiction. [MA]


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