SLA Industries

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Role Playing Game (1993). Nightfall Games. Designed by Dave Allsop.

SLA Industries is a game of satirical ultraviolence, set in a world-spanning City in an alternate Dimension (see Parallel Worlds). This universe is dominated by the eponymous corporation and its ruler, Mr Slayer. Its society is an exaggerated reflection of 1980s Anglo-Saxon capitalism, split between the wealthy Uptowns and the hopeless Downtowns, stalked by cannibals and rogue Cyborgs. The population is tranquillized by endless television, with regular features displaying the exploits of SLA operatives tracking down serial killers. The game attempts a savage critique of the West in the late twentieth century, in the manner of Jack Womack's New York sequence, but is betrayed by a certain crudity of expression and enthusiasm for excess. Ultimately, it is more effective at projecting obsessive disgust than it is as social commentary.

Related works: A second edition, also designed by Allsop, was produced by Hogshead Games in 2000. [NT]

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