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(1957-    ) US designer of Role Playing Games from around 1978 and author, much of whose work has been related directly or indirectly to his design work, much of it being fantasy. His two main series, however, are Ties to sf universes: the Battletech sequences beginning with Battletech: The Warrior Trilogy, Volume One: En Garde (1988) (for the Wargame, see BattleTech), and the Star Wars sequences beginning with Star Wars: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron (1996) (see Star Wars; Star Wars: X-Wing and other linked entries). Of his fantasy series, of greatest (if somewhat limited) sf interest may be the Age of Discovery sequence beginning with A Secret Atlas (2005), set in after a vast polar Disaster, in an Alternate World where Magic works; and the Crown Colonies sequence beginning with At the Queen's Command (2010), set in a "New World" which glancingly resembles North America, and involving conflicts glancingly evocative of the American Revolutionary War, though with Zombies added to the mix. [JC]

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Michael Austin Stackpole

born Wausau, Wisconsin: 27 November 1957




Battletech: Warrior

Battletech: Blood of Kerensky


Battletech: MechWarrior Dark Age

Dark Conspiracy: Fiddleback Trilogy

Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Star Wars: the New Jedi Order

Realms of Chaos

DragonCrown War

  • Fortress Draconis (New York: Bantam Spectra, 2000) [DragonCrown War: pb/Ciruelo Cabral]
  • When Dragons Rage (New York: Bantam Spectra, 2002) [DragonCrown War: pb/Ciruelo Cabral]
  • The Grand Crusade (New York: Bantam Spectra, 2003) [DragonCrown War: pb/Ciruelo Cabral]

Age of Discovery

Crown Colonies

  • At the Queen's Command (San Francisco, California: Night Shade Books, 2010) [Crown Colonies: pb/Ryan Pancoast]
  • Of Limited Loyalty (San Francisco, California: Night Shade Books, 2011) [Crown Colonies: pb/Ryan Pancoast]

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