Stangerup, Henrik

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(1937-1998) Danish journalist, playwright and author who worked mainly within the tradition of "new realism" prevalent in Denmark during the 1960s; he also wrote historical fiction. His sf novel Manden der ville vaere skyldig (1973; trans David Gress-Wright as The Man Who Wanted to be Guilty 1982) is a Satire assaulting the Dystopian welfare state and the Social Democratic party through the a Near-Future tale of a man who accidentally kills his wife and is treated by the state not as a criminal but as a patient, stifling his natural need to assume some personal guilt for the deed. The book was filmed in 1990 by Ole Roos. [ND]

see also: Denmark.

Henrik Stangerup

born Copenhagen, Denmark: 1 September 1937

died Langeback, Zealand, Denmark: 4 July 1998



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