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US Digest-size magazine. One issue, published by Ballantine Magazines, January 1958. This was an attempt to convert Frederik Pohl's Star Science Fiction Stories into a magazine after its first three issues (1953-1954) in book format. Although a second magazine issue was mooted, sales did not warrant continuing in that form and it reverted to book format at the end of 1958. The magazine replicated some of the contents of the anthology, including a cover by Richard Powers, but somehow the content lacked the impact of the original three anthologies. Little has been reprinted from it, other than in the inevitable author collections for Isaac Asimov's "S as in Zebatinsky" (vt "Spell My Name with an S" in Nine Tomorrows coll 1959) and Brian W Aldiss's "Judas Dancing" (vt "Judas Danced" in The Canopy of Time coll 1959) – which marked his first publication in the USA. [BS/PN/MA]


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