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US magazine, four issues Summer 1990 to Spring 1991, letter-size, published McAlpine Publishing, Virginia Beach, Virginia; edited by Richard Rowand. The magazine emphasized that it was "for the SF Reader", with the varying shout-line, "Science Fiction for the Enthusiast!!" or "Science Fiction for the Connoisseur!!". The contents, though, were a mix of science fiction (including Hard SF) and borderline sf/fantasy and included the provocative religious fantasy "A Candle in the Sun" (Winter 1990) – the first major genre sale by David Niall {WILSON}, which formed the basis for his novel This Is My Blood (1995). Though initially receiving national distribution, and attractively produced, Starshore was undercapitalized. With a subscription base of only circa 300, it soon folded, the final issue going to subscribers only. Mixed with fiction by new writers, notably Kevin J Anderson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Jeff VanderMeer, were stories by established names including John Brunner, Jack Dann, Mike Resnick with Lou Tabakow, and Charles Sheffield. The first issue even included a translation by Kim Stanley Robinson of a story from Italy, "The People in the Painting" ("Mille anni ieri" 1986 Bella #6; Summer 1990) by Renato Pestriniero. [MA/PN]


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