Steam Engine Time

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Australian Fanzine, edited and published by Bruce Gillespie (Melbourne, Australia); co-edited with Maureen Kincaid Speller and Paul Kincaid (Folkestone, England) for issues #1-#3; thereafter with Janine G Stinson (Michigan, USA). A4 photo-offset. Average length 50pp. Thirteen issues 2000-2012.

Steam Engine Time was conceived as an international fanzine of longer essays about sf and fantasy literature, its name taken from Charles Fort's assertion about the growth of science: "a social growth cannot find out the use of a steam engine, until comes steam-engine time". The first issues were designed and largely edited by Kincaid and Speller, with copies distributed from both Australia and Britain. The UK editors resigned after #3 and the magazine went into recess until 2005, when Janine Stinson became American co-editor. Since then it was been printed and distributed from Australia. Contributors other than the editors have included Henry Hennessey Buerkett, Matthew Davis, Gillian Polack, Christopher Priest, Pamela Sargent, Darrell Schweitzer, Frank Weissenborn, Ray Wood and George Zebrowski. #2 (November 2001) focused on sf biographies and autobiographies, #11 (February 2010) was a special Women's issue (see Women SF Writers) and the final #13 (March 2012) focused on Theodore Sturgeon. The magazine won the 2010 Ditmar Award as best fan publication, and the 2008 Australian Chronos Award. Covers of most issues were created using computer graphics by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen). [BG]


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