Sundog: Frozen Legacy

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Videogame (1984). FTL Games. Designed by Bruce Webster. Platforms: AppleII (1984); rev AtariST (1985).

Sundog: Frozen Legacy was one of the earliest Computer Role Playing Games with a science fiction theme. The premise is classic Space Opera; the player begins the game as the owner of the eponymous newly inherited spacecraft, contractually obliged to assist a religious group in establishing a colony by obtaining supplies and delivering colonists in Suspended Animation. What follows is a kind of interstellar egg hunt, as the player wanders the galaxy searching for the required goods and personnel, supporting themselves by trading while fighting pirates, talking to computer controlled characters and visiting planetary surfaces. The gameplay has some similarities to that of the game's contemporary, Elite (1984), but Sundog's world is deeper, and correspondingly less broad, than that of its rival. While its relatively crude two-dimensional graphics and simple character interactions may seem primitive by modern standards, Sundog is an interesting precursor to more sophisticated CRPGs and Space Sims such as Fallout (1997) and The X Series (1999). [NT]


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