Superheroes [magazine]

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Letter-size saddle-stapled Cinema magazine printed on cheap newsprint. Published by Warren Publishing. Credited editor: James Warren. One issue only, October 1966.

This publication seems to have been designed entirely to take advantage of the Superheroes craze ignited by the Television series Batman (1966-1968) and the upcoming feature film Batman (1966; vt Batman – The Movie; vt Batman '66) based upon that programme (see Batman Films). Besides this material, Superheroes reprinted articles from Screen Thrills Illustrated and Spacemen which discussed various film serials such as Flash Gordon (1936), Superman (1948) and others of the 1930s and 1940s. Although the publisher Warren was the stated editor, it seems likely others actually assembled it. Collectors should note that the title is actually On the Scene Presents Superheroes. The only other On the Scene production was the earlier teenage-interest magazine Freak Out U.S.A.. [GSt/DRL]

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