Thom, Robert

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(1929-1979) US screenwriter and author, of sf relevance mainly for his film work. For Wild in the Streets (1968) directed by Barry Shear, he wrote the screenplay, basing this on an earlier story, "The Day It All Happened, Baby!" (original publication not found); he was also responsible for the novelization, Wild in the Streets (1968). The surname of the rock star in this film – Flatlow – reflects Thom's original surname, Flatow, which was legally changed to Thom when he was seven. He later scripted Death Race 2000 (1975), a Roger Corman production directed by Paul Bartel. Both films share an acerbic view of American Politics, both articulating grim futures primarily caused through stupidity and corruption. [JC]

Robert Thom

born New York: 2 July 1929

died Malibu, California: 8 May 1979



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