Tunnel, The

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Film (1935; vt Trans-Atlantic Tunnel US). Gaumont. Directed by Maurice Elvey. Written by Clemence Dane, L du Garde Peach, based on Der Tunnel (1913; trans 1915) by Bernhard Kellermann. Cast includes George Arliss, Leslie Banks, Richard Dix, Madge Evans, Walter Huston, C Aubrey Smith and Helen Vinson. 94 minutes. Black and white.

A UK remake of the successful German film Der Tunnel (1933). The plot is basically the same: a tunnel is built under the Atlantic linking the USA with Europe (though here the European end of the tunnel is situated in England). The film is not as technically impressive as the German version; it concentrates less on the national grandeur of the project and more on the domestic dramas of the tunnel's creators. [JB/PN]


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