Turner, Jesse Lee

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(1938-    ) US rockabilly singer who had a single big sf novelty hit, "The Little Space Girl", which was released by Carlton Records in December 1959 and reached the top 20 on the record charts. Although credited to Turner, this was actually written by his cousin, singer-songwriter Floyd Robinson; it tells the story of a man who encounters an Alien girl from outer space during a walk in the park. She tells him she wants to marry him. He is repelled at first because of her four arms, three eyes, and three lips, but when she finally convinces him to kiss her at the end, her kiss abruptly changes his mind. Her voice is a speeded-up recording, like that used by Ross Bagdasarian in his Chipmunks records. A sequel titled "I'm the Little Space Girl's Father" (1960) failed to have any impact. Turner was last heard from in 2002, at which point he was an evangelist minister living in Galveston, Texas. [LW]

Jesse Lee Turner

born Addicks, Texas: 1938



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