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(1889-1946) Australian-born poet, playwright and author, in the UK from before World War One, who is of some sf interest for his Henry Airbubble sequence, comprising Blow for Balloons: Being the First Hemisphere in the History of Henry Airbubble (1935), Henry Airbubble, in Search of a Circumference to his Breath: Being the Second Hemisphere of the History of Henry Airbubble (1936) and The Duchess of Popocatapetl (1939), which focuses for the most part on the fantasticated history of the Balloon-manufacturing firm of Blow and Blow, though the last volume is a Lost Race tale, with a civilization of ancient Greeks discovered in Mexico. A book-length poem, Miss America: Altiora in the Sierra Nevada (1930 chap), is a mild Satire of the modern world narrated by a woman who is unusually frank (for the time) about Sex; some of Turner's plays, like The Man Who Ate the Popomack: A Tragi-Comedy of Love in Two Acts (1922 chap; rev 1929 chap), is a nightmarish fantasy; Fables, Parables and Plots: Revolutionary Stories for Young and Old (coll 1943) contains some tales with sf elements. [JC]

see also: To-day and To-morrow.

Walter James Redfern Turner

born Melbourne, Victoria: 13 October 1889

died Chiswick, Middlesex: 18 November 1946



Henry Airbubble

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