Warner, Harry, Jr

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(1922-2003) US journalist, author and sf fan, publisher of several Fanzines, including Spaceways and the long-lived Horizons, which appeared regularly in FAPA from 1939 until his death. He was noted for prolific writing of letters of comment to others' fanzines for most of this period. Warner also made several professional sales to SF Magazines in the 1940s and 1950s, beginning with the poem "Realization" (January 1940 Weird Tales); his first professionally published story was the vignette "Probability Zero: The Sleep that Slaughtered" (November 1942 Astounding). His history of sf Fandom, All Our Yesterdays: An Informal History of Science Fiction Fandom in the Forties (1969), is an affectionate and thorough examination of individuals, fan organizations and fanzines in the 1940s. The second part, A Wealth of Fable: (The History of Science Fiction Fandom in the 1950's) (1976-1977 3vols; exp vt A Wealth of Fable: An Informal History of Science Fiction Fandom in the 1950s 1992), continues the history through the 1950s. Warner won Hugos as Best Fan Writer in 1969 and 1972; and the 1992 version of A Wealth of Fable won the 1993 Hugo for Best Nonfiction. [PR/DRL]

Harry Backer Warner Jr

born Chambersburg, Pennsylvania: 19 December 1922

died Hagerstown, Maryland: 17 February 2003



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