When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

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Film (1969). Hammer/Warner. Directed by Val Guest. Written by Guest, from story by J G Ballard. Cast includes Patrick Allen, Robin Hawdon and Victoria Vetri. 100 minutes. Colour.

This was originally written by J G Ballard, but director Guest got to the script and eliminated anything expensive, original or intellectual. Still a bit livelier than most Prehistoric SF romances, this is one of a series of them made by Hammer, the first being One Million Years B.C. (1966). The usual story: woman of one tribe (Vetri) falls for man of another (Hawdon) and also makes friends with a Dinosaur. Those who stand between the star-crossed lovers are conveniently wiped out by vast tides whipped up by a still gaseous Moon (a survival from Ballard's original story, which made much of astronomical cataclysms). The dinosaurs and giant crabs were designed by a team led by Jim Danforth. [PN]


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