Whip Hand, The

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Film (1951; vt The Enemy Within). RKO Radio Pictures. Produced by Lewis J Rachmil. Directed by William Cameron Menzies. Written by George Bricker, and Frank L Moss from a story by Roy Hamilton, and Stanley Rubin. Cast includes Carla Balenda, Edgar Barrier, Raymond Burr (Steve Loomis), Elliot Reid and Otto Waldis (Dr Wilhelm Bucholtz). 82 minutes. Black and white.

While on a fishing trip to Minnesota, magazine writer Matt Corbin (Reid) stumbles across a lake where all the fish have died, near a town which is almost deserted; a strange lodge sits on an island in the middle of the lake which proves to contain a mysterious laboratory. None of the locals save Janet Keller (Balenda), daughter of town doctor Edward Keller (Barrier), will discuss the affair. The two investigate, and eventually learn that former Nazi Scientists are working there for the Soviet Union, aiming to release bacteriological Weapons on the USA with the lake and town as initial points of infection. With Janet's help, Corbin manages to obtain help at the last moment, and foil the plan.

The film, as much a Cold War thriller as sf, benefits greatly from Menzies' strong direction. [GSt]


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