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Working name of US author (1967-    ), whose surname is White and who describes the Skyler as a nickname; her first novel, And Falling, Fly (2010), is a supernatural romance set with some Equipoisal skill in a Steampunk world. Her second, In Dreams Begin (2010), is a Timeslip tale whose protagonist becomes involved with William Butler Yeats. The Incrementalists series, beginning with The Incrementalists (2013) with Steven Brust, focuses on a group of Secret Master Shapeshifters engaged for many centuries in Uplifting Homo sapiens for centuries, but interpersonal complications begin to mount after the Identity Transfer of a master's personality into a new human host. The changes effected by the Incrementalists tend to the meliorative, and presume that humanity can be improved. The second full story in the sequence, The Skill of Our Hands (2017) takes a humane attitude towards illegal migrants in southern America that may seem outdated. [JC]

Skyler White

born Lancaster, Pennsylvania: 1967


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