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(1918-2010) UK author, previously a bookseller and involved with Fandom from the 1930s, publishing some fiction at that time in Fanzines, beginning with "Mr Hazel's Miracle Carpet" in Amateur Science Stories for December 1937; he began publishing sf professionally with "The Silent Ship" (July 1965 New Worlds) and "The Garden of Paris" (in Weird Shadows from Beyond, anth 1965, ed E J Carnell). Three earlier stories had appeared 1937-1938 in the Leeds-based Amateur Magazine Amateur Science Stories edited by Douglas W F Mayer. Williams was the author of nine more or less routine sf novels for Robert Hale Limited, starting with The Time Injection (1968), which imagines a future Stone Age (see Ruins and Futurity). To End All Telescopes (1969) glibly deploys Imaginary Science to justify the Invention of a supertelescope which not only revolutionizes Astronomy within the solar system but allows direct observation of extrasolar Life on Other Worlds. The Drop In (1977), Williams's sole non-Hale novel, is an Alien-Invasion novel of some interest. His autobiography, For Mona (2010), is also of interest. [JC/DRL]

Eric Cyril Williams

born Camberwell [now London]: 22 July 1918

died Horsham, Surrey: 21 January 2010



  • For Mona (no place or publisher given: privately published, 2010) [nonfiction: pb/]


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