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(1956-    ) US editor long associated with the magazine Asimov's Science Fiction, where she began her career in 1982, working initially with Shawna McCarthy and then with Gardner Dozois, and on the latter's retirement becoming editor in 2004 (as of the January 2005 issue). She has deftly and responsibly maintained the quality of the magazine in a period when print journals have been under universal threat, an achievement recognized by her 2011 and 2012 Hugo wins as Best Professional Editor, Short Form.

With Dozois, she also edited the long Asimov's Anthologies series, beginning with Isaac Asimov's Robots (anth 1991) and ending with Isaac Asimov's Halloween (anth 2001). [JC]

Sheila Williams

born Springfield, Massachusetts: 27 September 1956




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