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(1969-    ) German-born Nigerian/UK playwright and author, most recently in USA, active since the early 1990s, his early plays and stories being nonfantastic; he has published his academic nonfiction as JJ Wilson. He is of sf interest for Damnificados (2016), set in a Near Future urban conglomeration resembling Caracas, Venezuela, where in real life a partially constructed skyscraper was taken over by squatters. The abandoned Keep in Damnificados is sufficiently complex and immense that its multifarious occupiers are able to construct a microcosm of fruitful urban life, though beset (see Fantastika; Magic Realism) by an array of invaders, from militarized police to mythical Monsters. There may be some resemblance to the niche world insinuated into the girders of the Oakland Bay Bridge in William Gibson's Virtual Light (1993), but Wilson portrays the inhabitants of his keep through imagery that maintains a sense of the fluent mythopoeic urgency of life in the deep City of the world to come, if and when permitted by the owners. [JC]

JJ Amaworo Wilson

born Germany: 10 July 1969


works (highly selected)

  • Damnificados (Oakland, California: PM Press, 2016) [pb/John Yates]


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