Winslow, Belle Hagen

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(1871-1956) Norwegian-born author, in USA from 1920 or so. Her first novel, The White Dawn (1920), features a Lost World deep Underground in a remote region of Norway, which is discovered in the year 1000 to be inhabited by creatures primordial even then (see Time Abyss) but who turn out possibly to be survivors of one of the Lost Tribes of Israel; her second, Where Man Is King (1921), hints at the supernatural, but stops well short. [JC]

Belle Hagen Winslow

born Norway: 1871

died 1956


  • The White Dawn (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg Publishing House, 1920) [hb/]
  • Where Man Is King (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg Publishing House, 1921) [hb/]


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