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(1975-    ) Spanish translator, editor and author, now mostly resident in the UK; she writes in both Spanish and English. Her earlier work – the stories assembled as Lost Objects (coll 2018) and her first novel The Golden Key (2020) – touch on the topoi of Horror in SF but are in fact wholly supernatural. She is of sf interest for her second novel, The Swimmers (2020), set in a Ruined Earth centuries hence, where unstoppable Climate Change has killed the oceans, and the foetid jungles of the world have become breeding grounds for Mutants. A not unfamiliar distinction between the wealthy in their Keeps and the poor in the wild gains poignance through the difficult life of the protagonist of the tale, Pearl, who shapes herself into a teller of stories. [JC]

see also: Ignotus Award.

Maria de los Ángeles Via Rivera-Womack

born Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain: 1975




  • Lost Objects (Edinburgh, Scotland: Luna Books, 2018) [coll: pb/Malcolm Devlin as Vince Haig]


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