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US Anthology series published annually from 2001 to the present and edited by J Alan Erwine. The first two volumes were published by Pro Mart Publishing, Carmichael, California, but all subsequent volumes have been published by Sam's Dot Publishing, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The anthology selects the stories and poems voted by readers as the best in Sam's Dot's Online Magazines: The Fifth Di ..., The Martian Wave and the online edition of the fantasy magazine Aoife's Kiss. This means the series probably marks the first print version of most of these stories and, as none of the back issues of the two sf magazines are accessible online, it is the only permanent version. The quality of the stories is variable and most are by a regular cadre of authors, including Erwine himself and his publisher Tyree Campbell. Other regulars or better known names include Bruce Boston, Cathy Buburuz, Lawrence Dagstine, David C Kopaska-Merkel, Richard S Levine, Frederick Obermeyer, David Lee Summers, Mikal Trimm and S C Virtes. [MA]


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