World Without End

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Film (1956). Allied Artists. Written and directed by Edward Bernds. Cast includes Nancy Gates, Nelson Leigh, Hugh Marlowe, Lisa Montell and Rod Taylor. 80 minutes. Colour.

After orbiting Mars, a Spaceship goes through a timewarp (see Timeslip). The four astronauts land on a Post-Holocaust Earth in 2508 CE and find the surface inhabited by grotesque Mutants and giant spiders, while the remaining humans live Underground – the men impotent, the women sexy, the race dying out. The astronauts stay, clearing the surface with bazookas. This is not a particularly low-budget film, and the effects (by Milton Rice) are passable, but direction and design are poor. The story is an unacknowledged inversion of H G Wells's The Time Machine (1895), with Morlock surrogates on the surface and Eloi surrogates Underground. Wells's novel was to be better filmed by George Pal as The Time Machine (1960). [PN/JB]


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