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["Galaxy Award"] A prestigious accolade awarded intermittently since 1986, annually since 1991, to Chinese authors, originally organized as a collaboration between the magazines Zhuihui Shu ["Tree of Knowledge"] and Kexue Wenyi ["Science Literature and Art"]. With the folding of the former and the renaming of the latter as the more famous Kehuan Shijie ["SF World"], the award has become the sole prerogative of China's leading genre magazine, occasionally leading to gripes regarding bias and log-rolling. Regardless, it remains a touchstone for tastes and rising stars of Chinese sf, as with the Seiun Award in Japan, affording non-specialists a tantalizing glimpse of a vibrant but often overlooked genre community. From 2004, the award has also recognized popular foreign authors in translation; presentations in this category are not for any particular work.

Changes in management, funding, policy and prizes at the Yinhe Awards have led to significant variation in the population of winners and the definition of "winning", with some years offering first, second and multiple third places, and others simply a grand prix with widely varying numbers of honorable mentions. By 2002, it was further split into multiple prizes decided upon by an editorial committee, and an equally large list of readers' nominations, often favouring entirely different authors, such as the popular but controversial Han Song. There is also a perennial problem with the Chinese use of the term xiaoshuo, a calque of the Japanese shōsetsu which usually means "novel" but can also simply mean "short story". As a result, breathless blurbs can sometimes make it appear as if every sf writer in China has a mantelpiece festooned with Yinhe Awards; the list below offers only the main winners, not all the authors who somehow edged their way to consolation prizes. [JonC]

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