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 Isaac Asimov. Second Foundation (New York: Gnome Press, 1953)

 Manly Banister. Conquest of Earth (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 Leigh Brackett. The Starmen (New York: Gnome Press, 1952)

 John W Campbell, Jr. The Black Star Passes (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1953)

 John W Campbell, Jr. Islands of Space (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1957)

 Arthur C Clarke. Sands of Mars (New York: Gnome Press, 1952)

 Hal Clement. Iceworld (New York: Gnome Press, 1953)

 Stanton A Coblentz. The Blue Barbarians (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 Stanton A Coblentz. Hidden World (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 Kendell Foster Crossen, editor. Future Tense: New and Old Tales of Science Fiction (New York: Greenberg: Publisher, 1952)

 L Sprague de Camp. Lost Continents: The Atlantis Theme in History, Science, and Literature (New York: Gnome Press, 1954)

 L Sprague de Camp. Solomon's Stone (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 L Sprague de Camp. The Tower of Zanid (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 Lloyd Arthur Eshbach. The Tyrant of Time (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1955)

 Martin Greenberg, editor. The Robot and the Man (New York: Gnome Press, 1953)

 Charles L Harness. Flight into Yesterday (New York: Bouregy and Curl, Inc 1953)

 Robert A Heinlein. Assignment in Eternity: Four Long Science Fiction Stories (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1953)

 Henry Kuttner. Robots Have No Tails (New York: Gnome Press, 1952)

 Murray Leinster. The Forgotten Planet (New York: Gnome Press, 1954)

 Murray Leinster. Out of this World (New York: Avalon, 1958)

 Charles Eric Maine. Spaceways Satellite (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 C L Moore. Mutant (New York: Gnome Press, 1953) as by Lewis Padgett

 C L Moore. Northwest of Earth (New York: Gnome Press, 1954)

 C L Moore. Shambleau and Others (Hicksville, New York: Gnome Press, 1953)

 Eric Frank Russell. Wasp (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 Nat Schachner. Space Lawyer (New York: Gnome Press, 1953)

 Robert Sheckley. Immortality Delivered (New York: Avalon Books, 1959)

 Robert Silverberg. Aliens from Space (New York: Avalon, 1958) as by David Osborne

 Robert Silverberg. Invisible Barriers (New York: Avalon, 1958) as by David Osborne

 Robert Silverberg writing as Ivar Jorgenson. Starhaven (New York: Avalon, 1958)

 E E "Doc" Smith. Children of the Lens (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1954)

 E E Smith. Galactic Patrol (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1950)

 E E Smith. Gray Lensman (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1951)

 E E Smith. Second-Stage Lensmen (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1953)

 George O Smith. Fire in the Heavens (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 George O Smith. Troubled Star (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 Francis Stevens. The Heads of Cerberus (Reading, Pennsylvania: Polaris Press, 1952)

 John Taine. Seeds of Life (Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1951)

 A E van Vogt. The Mixed Men (Hicksville, New York: Gnome Press, 1952)

 Jack Vance. The Languages of Pao (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 Manley Wade Wellman. Twice in Time (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

 Russ Winterbotham. The Space Egg (New York: Avalon Books, 1958)

 Donald A Wollheim writing as David Grinnell. Edge of Time (New York: Avalon Books, 1957)

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