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 Philip José Farmer. Venus on the Half-Shell (New York: Dell Books, 1975) as by Kilgore Trout

 Theodore Sturgeon. A Saucer of Loneliness, Volume VII: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon (Berkeley, California: North Atlantic Books, 2000)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction (New York: G P Putnam's Sons, 1999)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Bluebeard: The Autobiography of Rabo Karabekian (1916-1988) (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1987)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye, Blue Monday! (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1973)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Canary in a Cat House (Greenwich, Connecticut: Gold Medal, 1961)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Cat's Cradle (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Dead-Eye Dick (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1982)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Fuh-Kar-Wee Indians and the Christian Year 2000 (New York: Ragged Edge Press, 1999)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Galápagos (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1985)

 Kurt Vonnegut. God Bless You, Dr Kevorkian (New York: Seven Sisters Press, 1999)

 Kurt Vonnegut Jr. God Bless You, Mr Rosewater (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1965)

 Kurt Vonnegut Jr, associational. Happy Birthday, Wanda June theatre programme

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Hocus Pocus, or What's the Hurry, Sam? (New York: G P Putnam's Sons, 1990)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Jailbird (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1979)

 David H Goldsmith. Kurt Vonnegut: Fantasist of Fire and Ice (Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1972)

 Stanley Schatt. Kurt Vonnegut Jr (Boston, Massachusetts: Twayne, 1976)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Kurt Vonnegut: Novels & Stories, 1963-1973 (New York: Library of America, 2011)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction (New York: Delacorte Press, 2009)

 Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Mother Night (Greenwich, Connecticut: Gold Medal, 1962)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1981)

 Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The Sirens of Titan: An Original Novel (New York: Dell Books, 1959)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Slapstick, or Lonesome No More! (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1976)

 Kurt Vonnegut. Sun Moon Star (New York: Harper and Row, 1980)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Timequake (New York: G P Putnam's Sons, 1997)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Utopia 14 (New York: Bantam Books, 1954)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1974)

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Welcome to the Monkey House: A Collection of Short Works (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1968)

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