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2000 Plus

US Radio series (1950-1952; vt 2000+; vt Two Thousand Plus). Created by Sherman H Dryer (1913-1989) for the Mutual Broadcasting System. Produced by Robert Weenolsen (1900-1979). Written by Dryer and Weenolsen. Announcer: Ken Marvin. Uncertain number of 30-minute episodes. Perhaps 100 instalments were produced; 32 are known to have survived.

This may have been the first US adult sf Radio drama anthology series, debuting one month ahead of its better-known contemporary Dimension X (1950-1951). All episodes were original stories rather than adaptations of published works. Various sources indicate that the quality ranged from routine to excellent, although with most episodes now missing, it is difficult to judge the series as a whole. The titles of some of the surviving plays give a good idea of the nature of the programme; they include "Men From Mars", "Space Wreck", "The Flying Saucers", "The Insect", "When the Machines Went Wild", "Green Thing", "When the Worlds Met" and "Worlds Apart". It is to be hoped that additional episodes will surface in the future from private collections. [GSt]

Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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