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Ash Ra Tempel

German space rock band formed by Manuel Göttsching (1952-    ) and Klaus Schulze, although Schulze's presence in the group has been intermittent. The group's eponymous first release Ash Ra Tempel (1971) is a classic of "krautrock": lengthy and mostly improvisatory rock with loosely astral themes and titles – the band's name positions their work in hierophantic relation to the Ancient Egyptian Sun god ("tempel" is German for "temple"). The second release Schwingungen (1972) – the title means "vibrations" – is similarly cosmic, and an impressively atmospheric piece of work. Seven Up (1972) includes lyrics and vocal performances by a rather ranty Timothy Leary: its hippy psychedelia (the tracks are called "Space 1" and "Space 2") approach sf more closely than previous releases, by turns meandering, bluesy and searing. Schulze rejoined the band for Join Inn (1973). Starring Rosi (1973), named because German singer Rosi Mueller provided vocals, continues the spacious, slightly drifting musical style ("Cosmic Tango", "Interplay of Forces"). The band disbanded in 1973, but have reformed on several occasions. [AR]


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