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Atholl, Justin

Pseudonym of UK journalist and author Thomas Sidney Denham (1906-1968), who wrote nonfiction under his own name. As by Justin Atholl, Denham wrote several very short sf novels, which appeared obscurely but nevertheless are of some interest. Death in the Green Fields (1944 chap) features a death-dealing fungus. Land of Hidden Death (1944 chap) is a Lost-World tale. The Oasis of Sleep (1944 chap) invokes Suspended Animation. The main story in The Grey Beast (coll 1944 chap) features an apeman (see Apes as Human). The Man Who Tilted the Earth (1946 chap) does not go quite so far as the title hints, though an atomic disintegrator comes close to ending life on the planet. [JC/MA]

Thomas Sidney Denham

born Chester, Cheshire: circa 15 April 1906

died London: 13 April 1968



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