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Australian Science Fiction Review: Second Series

Australian Fanzine (March 1986-Autumn 1991), edited by "The Science Fiction Collective" or "ASFR Cooperative", at first comprising Jenny Blackford (1957-    ), Russell Blackford, John Foyster (1941-2003), Yvonne Rousseau and Lucy Sussex; Janeen Webb joined the group and Sussex left in 1987.

This worthy successor to the defunct Australian SF Review was effectively though not officially a critical Academic Journal, of variable but often high quality, fannishly enlivened at times by name-calling. Spirited and regular, it ran to 27 issues before the collective collapsed from exhaustion; the schedule was bimonthly 1986-1988, with four issues appearing in 1989, two in 1990 and three in 1991. The final issue, Autumn 1991, included an index to the entire run compiled by Rousseau. The most consistent Australian sf journal of its period, it won little support from local Fandom who saw it as elitist, but it received a farewell Ditmar Award in 1991. Damien Broderick later edited two volumes of selections from the second series: see below. [PN/DRL]

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