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Avoledo, Tullio

(1957-    ) Italian author (see Italy) whose first novel, L'elenco telefonico di Atlantide ["The Atlantis Telephone Directory"] (2003), is a Satire of the modern commercial world set partly in a conspiracy-choked Atlantis; the influence of Thomas Pynchon may be detected. La ragazza di Vajont (2008; trans Gillian Ania as The Girl from Vajont 2013) is an Alternate History tale set in an Italy governed by a fascist tyranny and wracked by civil war, ethnic cleansing, a piercing analysis of Italian cultural and political dysfunction, and perpetual winter. His range is wide, scraping constantly against genre boundaries, where they can be found.

For Avoledo stories belonging to the Metro 2033 fictional universe see Metro 2033 and Dmitry Glukhovsky; his contributions include Le radici del cielo ["Sky's Roots"] (2011) and La Crociata dei Bambini ["Children's Crusade"] (2014). [JC]

Tullio Avoledo

born Valvasone, Friuli, Italy: 1 June 1957

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