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Barnhouse, Perl T

(1877-1964) US farmer and author of a touristic sf novel, My Journeys with Astargo: A Tale of the Past, Present and Future (1952), in which spherical Antigravity-powered Spaceships are built – the initial Pioneerer being replaced by the Astargo – and various planets visited. As Damon Knight noted in In Search of Wonder: Essays on Modern Science Fiction (coll 1956; exp 1967; exp 1996), this "primitive science fiction novel" has strong resemblances to E E Smith's The Skylark of Space (August-October 1928 Amazing; 1946; rev with cuts 1958). One planetary destination features an unpleasant Dystopia of oppressed "Ruzos" under ruthless leader Stalo, opposed by a nation of democratic "Amacans"; just as in The Skylark of Space, the spacefaring heroes do not hesitate to intervene in such local conflicts. [JC/DRL]

Perl Travis Barnhouse

born Hocking, Ohio: 31 May 1877

died Akron, Washington, Colorado: 26 August 1964



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