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Bechdolt, Jack

Working name of US author John Ernest Bechdolt (1884-1954) for his fiction, though he used his full name for other writing. The Lost Vikings (1931) features juveniles who discover a Lost Race of Vikings in Alaska. The Torch (24 January-21 February 1920 Argosy Weekly; 1948) is a Ruined Earth tale, set in a devastated New York a thousand years after a Comet has destroyed civilization; almost betrayed by the passions of love, but enabled in the end by the Inventions of a dwarf Scientist, the underclass – which lives literally Underground – topples the tyrants, and a new torch shines in the grasp of the Statue of Liberty. [JC]

see also: Cities.

John Ernest Bechdolt

born Mankato, Minnesota: 13 July 1884

died Pinebluff, North Carolina: 28 December 1954



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